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Jamie Macleod

Welcome! Why "Canada Is Playing..."?

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Hello and welcome to the new volleyball forum on Canada Is Playing

The goal of this site is to help Canadians support all national team sports in Canada.   Supporting our national teams and athletes is fun.  Sports outside of the mainstream drop off the radar quickly and it is very difficult for those national associations to get any kind of coverage at all. 

I run The Voyageurs, the supporters group for all national soccer teams.   One day at a Canada game at BMO Field  I looked up and saw that Canada was playing Brazil in Volleyball at the Ricoh center.  I walked around asking people about it and they all said the same thing.  One, they had no idea such a thing was happening, and two, yes they love would go see that game.   At that moment I realized how much many of the sports in Canada had in common.  They all had trouble reaching people and a lack of participation and support had more to do with a lack of knowing than a lack of interest. 

When promoting games, I always found myself saying  Canada is playing .....  over and over.  So that is the name I chose for the site.  

We have lots of features we can turn on for the site, but for now we are going to keep it simple.  Just a forum, calendar and store.   

Please leave any ideas you have in the Feedback & Ideas forum.    This community is for you, so let's build something new and valuable for sports in Canada.




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